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Christmas Gift Box & Hamper

With Levant ingredients set you only need to add a few fresh ingredients to start making fuss-free, flavour-packed meals every day.

One of the things that Middle Eastern cooking emphasises is how the right ingredients make all the difference. A dried herb here, a spice there — you can bring a whole new world of flavour to a dish with just one ingredient. With that in mind, we’ve selected seven hard-to-find ingredients that are essential for adding that extra something to many of our favourite recipes.

£25.00 Levant’s Gift Box Set 4oz includes:
Pomegranate Molasses
Date syrup

£35.00 Levant’s Gift Hamper includes:
Preserved Lemons
Urfa Pepper – Isot Biber
Ground Allspice
Zaytoun Palestinian Za’atar

Available to collect from a number of local outlets & from Levant, Corner Cottage, Alhampton BA4 6PY