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Here are some of our previous clients' reviews.

Please note that the restaurant is now closed (but our catering service continues).

The food is delicious, exciting the taste-buds with some fabulous eastern flavours. We loved the mezze style starters, delicious cured meats, fishcakes and koftas, and the pork belly main was a triumph.

The food is Lebanese/Middle Eastern so packed with herbs and spices without blowing your socks off with heat (except the chilli cheese). Everything we had was lovely, freshly prepared and the portion sizes enough to fill you without leaving you feeling stuffed.

The food is absolutely delicious, both for vegetarians and those eating meat. For starters, we had a little fatayer with halloumi, mint and other tasty bits, alongside a delicious pomegranate molasses. Main was vegetable ragu and a tasty salad of toasted nuts, cheese and other things, and for pudding we had a little bit of everything, as we were too full and satisfied to eat anything substantial, but needed to try the beautiful-sounding desserts!

The knickerbocker glory dessert was the best I have ever had!

We loved the Middle Eastern twist and the good value delicious starter and main courses (piri piri chicken and slow cooked pork).

Tanya’s skill and passion for good food shines through and she makes special efforts to source the best ingredients from local growers and specialist grocers — she even grows food in her garden to use in the restaurant. She injects a lot of time and passion to offer special dishes that can’t be found anywhere else. With Levant, it is a journey of discovery through food.

Tanya manages to combine traditional middle eastern flavours with the Mediterranean influences of France, Spain and Italy which reflect her Franco/Egyptian heritage. Whether it’s a paella, pomegranate infused duck, or Middle Eastern Mess it is served with charm and love.

Food was amazing, with nuts and frozen Turkish delight hidden in the dessert.

The starter of mixed mezze with red pepper dip and walnuts was ridiculously moreish as in yummy but also with subtle Moroccan influences. The golden chicken had been lovingly prepared and was a treat. Special mention to Basmati rice, not my favourite side but here wonderfully prepared and of course, the hot chilli dipping sauce which was in another league.

Great food as always and we all had different mains — Pork Belly, middle eastern slant on Jerk Chicken and Butternut hotpot, all delicious. Thank you Levant!

We started with a really good mezze — roasted aubergine dip and flat bread with lots of pomegranate seeds and olives and little slivers of vegetable — all delicious. Then we went on to a Moroccan style chicken breast with little new potatoes and greens. Again it was very tasty. Our pudding was a knickerbocker glory based on Lovington ice cream and lots of marshmallow and other gooey delights — gorgeous and not too rich.

Our starter included a very tasty roasted aubergine dip with flatbread, salad, olives, kohl rabi, and pomegranate seeds, and some amazing stuffed filo pastry pockets. For our mains I had the golden chicken with pomegranate molasses and harissa, which had just the right level of spice for me. My girlfriend enjoyed the braised pork with ginger and star anise. For dessert we both went for the same, an indulgent caramel, dark chocolate, espresso, cream, and hazelnut gateau, with a pistachio brittle! Absolutely divine.

Sublime food, beautifully prepared — a combination of Mediterranean and Lebanese menu. The Golden Chicken marinated in harissa and pomegranate molasses was truly spectacular. Every dish was a 5 out of 5.

The food is amazing. Thank you.

Incredible food from all locally sourced ingredients — in fact, it was all so wonderful that we’ve booked the team from Levant to do the food for our wedding this summer. Genuinely couldn’t recommend it enough.

The food is very interesting, original and creative in style. Excellent quality throughout.

The mezze to start are visually stunning, the taramasalata (a recipe from Tanya’s Godmother Claudia Rodin) evocative of my childhood… I had local lamb leg marinated in pomegranate molasses and harissa, slightly pink, which was delicious. The chard had been picked from Levant’s own vegetable garden that afternoon.

Fresh and locally sourced ingredients on the menu… Highly recommended!

As good as ever! Delicious food, Thank you, Tanya!

Flavours of the food are exceptional…

The food was absolutely delicious! Tanya offers a small choice as she cooks only what is in season and fresh that day, and what a joy to eat this way! Each thing we had was a feast to the senses.

The food is truly sublime. Thanks so much Tanya!

Levant is world class! Glorious food! The presentation is artistic and the flavours are simply to die for. This is without a doubt one of the best Middle Eastern food experiences in the entire south west. In fact, you would be hard pressed to get this quality in London. It is an absolute must!

Superb canapes. Original flavours and plentiful. Amazing sit down meal for over 100 people. The lamb was the star turn and the beetroot risotto very special.

We had fabulous olives and a lovely recommended garlicky hummous with chunks of sourdough bread.

So unexpected. Tanya does a fantastic job in blending delicate herbs and spices which delights the palate. Truly a great find.