Whether you’re planning a wedding feast for hundreds of guests or a private party in your own home for a few friends, we can make sure your day is original and unforgettable – without you having to lift a finger.

Of course we can provide lots of delicious food and the drink, working with you to devise an original menu to surprise and delight you and your guests – maybe platters of mixed mezzes to serve with drinks or a banquet of spiced tagines, multi-coloured salads and pyramids of jewelled, fragranced rice.

But we can also organise every aspect of your event from finding a location and arranging the invitations to decorating the venue and providing everything you’ll need on the day – furniture, crockery, glasses and entertainment and even some apple-scented shisha pipes for your guests to puff on at the end of the meal. And we’ll clear everything away afterwards too.

You can also book the restaurant for a private party or dinner – there’s seating for 28 with room for more to stand.

Just call Tanya to have an informal chat – we’d love to hear from you.


We had a fabulous day and really enjoyed both the food and the staff who were brilliant. We have had so many positive comments about the food, how tasty it was and how unusual… The evening guests raved about the wraps so all in all a fantastic success. Please thank everyone again especially Jules who worked so hard as front of house and kept everything ticking along nicely. A special mention also has to go to Ollie who acted as barman!
Jo Hartgill


We were all bowled over by the splendid, original and excellent food you produced. I have never heard people comment so generously at one of our parties. Your staff were charming and you were always a pleasure to deal with.
Georgina Holyer


Everything from the menu planning and ideas to the delivery, execution and serving of the meal was professional and fun but above all provided the most delicious and original feast for our guests! Thank you.
Sarah Chapman


Out came course after course of exquisite, beautifully served Middle Eastern food, and once they had left we found a clean kitchen at the end of the evening!
Pete Robinson