Somerset Muddy Stilettos, December 2016

Tanya serves up the prettiest desserts. Here’s the chocolate and cardamon pot and the Middle Eastern mess with pomegranate seeds and raspberries. The chocolate was sweet and delicious but not cloying; the meringue was perfectly baked, crisp on the surface and a little chewy inside. Both came with generous dollops of cream flavoured with rose water and saffron and dotted with pistachios and rose petals. It was so fragrant, you could almost dab it behind your ears.

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Somerset Life, June 2015

On my visit I enjoyed a selection from the day’s menu with a good variety of dips, stuffed tomatoes and spicy lamb kofte to start and some breads including sourdough made for Tanya to her own recipe. Amongst the dips was a red pepper based delight, which mixed sweet and savoury flavours just perfectly…

On next to a mixed plate of chicken thighs in pomegranate molasses and harissa, Lebanese spiced aubergine and basmati rice and lentils. The combination was straightforward food, with great flavours which felt really refreshing and ‘clean’ on the palate…

Word will spread even further about this hidden gem and I’m a little reluctant to share it with anyone but I suppose I should.

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